Dancing on a general note is an extension and expression of happiness and inner joy. It might also be considered a form of personal therapy because, for some, dancing is not all about the joy and fun, it is a way of relieving own stress and creating room for mental and emotional healing.

However, when it comes to belly dancing the primary purpose is entertainment. Although the origin of belly dancing is still argumentative even still, it is considered an integral part of the culture in the Middle East and probably in Africa. Going back in time, most of the countries in this region were firm in their belief that women are inferior to men. This belief system brought about sex segregation, and as a result, women were not allowed close to men in social gatherings, feasts and occasions.

Belly dancing was therefore initially practised by women among themselves. It involved the surging and serpentine movement of the torso and was also considered a form of art passed down from mother to daughter in preparation for the womb for childbirth, you can try out this belly dance this pretty ladies at Ohare Escorts and Washington DC Escorts.

Nevertheless, what many don’t realise is that belly dancing was not just a form of art for women, it became a form of entertainment for men also who due to the segregation, had to train male belly dancers to serve as a suitable replacement for the prohibited female dancers. These dancing young boys were not just picked at random but possessed certain qualities.

They were somewhat good-looking, attractive, sensuous and effeminate, specially trained for pleasure. These male dancers impersonated the female dancers and learned to be outstanding entertainers. Male belly dancing is quite familiar historically in turkey and over the years has gained full spread acceptance all over the world. Because the power of education and civilisation has helped (to a great extent) break the chains of sex segregation, we now find both male and female belly dancers performing together; showcasing another level of talent and artistry in the 21st century. Trying to figure out how to begin a belly dance? Click here to get a suitable partner at Colombian escorts